Standard Specifications 

Gooseneck Sizes 8.5X24TA3 up to an 8.5X32TA3                                           

ST225-15" Radial Tires                                                                                   

Silver Mod Wheels                                                                                            

.030 Any Color Metal Exterior                                                            

Tandem landing gear with crank                                                                 

36'' RV Style Side Door with Flush Lock                                                    

Double Rear Doors with Bar Lock  or a Rear Ramp with Spring Assists         

Tandem 5200lb Leaf Spring Axles with 4'' Drop (24'-32')

Triple 5200lb Leaf Spring Axles with 4'' Drop (34'-52')                                       


24" ATP Stone guard on front 

EZ Lube Hubs

Access door-front                                                                                             

(2) 12V Dome LED lights with switch

All LED lights (Interior & Exterior)                                                                

3/4" Plywood Floor/Painted Underneath                                                

3/8" Plywood Sidewalls                                                                                  

Beavertail floor in rear                                                                                    

6 D-Rings                                                                                                  

1"x1 1/2" Steel Tube in Walls and Ceiling                                                        

7' Sidewalls (84" clear height)

38" riser height                                                                                                  

(Riser is 8'10" floor length)                                                                            

Double 6'' I-Beam Frame

Double 8'' I-Beam Frame  on 8.5X34TTA3 up to an 8.5X52TTA3

2 Non Powered Roof Vents   

16" on center wall cross members                                                             

16" on center floor cross members                                                           

16" on center roof cross members

Full Thermoply Roof Liner                                                             


7-way Round Electric Plug

Pair of Rear Bogey Wheels                                                                           





8.5X24T3     INCLUDES GN  2-5200# Axles


8.5X26TA3   INCLUDES GN  2-5200# Axles


8.5X28TA3   INCLUDES GN  2-5200# Axles

8.5X30TA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X32TA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X34TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X36TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X40TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X44TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X48TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X52TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles