Standard Specifications

Gooseneck Sizes 8.5X24TA3 up to an 8.5X52TTA3                                           

ST225-15" Radial Tires                                                                                   

Silver Mod Wheels                                                                                            

.024 White or Black Metal Exterior                                                            

Tandem landing gear with crank                                                                 

36'' RV Style Side Door with Flush Lock                                                    

Double Rear Doors with Bar Lock  or a Rear Ramp with Spring Assists         

12" ATP Trim on sides and rear                                                                    

5200lb Leaf Spring Axles with 4'' Drop

Triple 5200lb Leaf Spring Axles with 4'' Drop                                       

EZ Lube Hubs                                                                                                                   

24" ATP Stone guard on front

Access door-front                                                                                             

(2) 12V Dome lights with switch                                                                

3/4" Plywood Floor/Painted Underneath                                                

3/8" Plywood Sidewalls                                                                                  

Beavertail floor in rear                                                                                    

(4) Floor D-rings                                                                                                 

1"x1" Steel Tube in Walls and Ceiling                                                        

6'11" Sidewalls (82" clear height)

7' Sidewalls (84" clear height) in 8.5X34TTA3 up to an 8.5X52TTA3            

38" riser height                                                                                                  

(Riser is 8'10" floor length)                                                                            

Double 6'' I-Beam Frame

Double 8'' I-Beam Frame  on 8.5X34TTA3 up to an 8.5X52TTA3    

(2) Non-Powered Roof Vents                                                                     

LED Strip Tail Lights                                                                                          

16" on center wall cross members                                                             

16" on center floor cross members                                                           

24" on center roof cross members                                                             

Recessed step with ATP liner at side door                                               

4'wide luan liner between Roof & Rafter Bows                                     

7-way Round Electric Plug                                                                           




8.5X24T3     INCLUDES GN  2-5200# Axles


8.5X28TA3   INCLUDES GN  2-5200# Axles


8.5X32TA3   INCLUDES GN  2-5200# Axles

8.5X36TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X40TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X44TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X48TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles
8.5X52TTA3 INCLUDES GN 3-5200# Axles




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